in the final stage of your life (1) 〜 a elderly lady who I met in hospital〜

野津 志乃

  • How would you like to live when you get old?
  • Would you like to live alone or with your family in the final stage of your life?

First of all, I would like to talk about a woman I met before. She was 76 years old and in a hospital. She has lived alone since she lost her husband when she was still young. I gave her a carnation on Mother’s Day. She was really glad to get it because it was the first time she was given a carnation. She started crying and kept on looking at it for a long time while sitting on her bed. Then when she left the hospital she brought the carnation to her home even though it had already turned brown.

She had two operations because of cancer but she still had a stomach cancer. She doesn’t have any children and any relatives around her so she lives alone. She was told that she had a terminal cancer. No body takes care of her

This experience made me think about life. It must be really hard to live alone. After this experience, I went to see her several times. I have thought what I can do since then.